Masters Desire design and manufacture luxurious bondage and restraint equipment. We create equipment for the sexually adventurous, not fashion items. Our products are exclusive, designed for the discerning individual. All of our products are handmade by master craftsmen in England.

Leather Bondage Materials


We believe that quality should be felt, not just seen, so we only use the finest leathers, hand picked for their superior quality. We use a variety of leather, choosing the best for each product. We select French calf’s leather for lining, as it is supple and soft on the skin. We use a combination of British and Italian leather for outer work for it’s durability and feel. We use a mixture of stainless steel and brass for the majority of our products and all of our fixtures and fittings are selected for their excellence.

Experienced Bondage CraftsmenExperience

Our master craftsmen have been honoured as the best leather artisans in the world seven times with a combined experience of over thirty years. Their work lives in Royal Palaces and has appeared at Olympic events. Put simply, our master craftsmen are amongst the best in the world.

Bondage Workshop


All of our products are designed to be aesthetically exquisite, but we believe that design should also consider how a product works. We take pride over our research and development process and we regularly re-evaluate ideas because they aren’t great enough. We believe that in order to create a great product, every element of its design needs to be great, from the leather used to the weight of the fastenings. Our products exemplify this attention to detail. The Classic Collection embodies our passion for style over vogue. Simple, classically styled bondage restraints, collars and harnesses. Our Classic Collection follows the contours of your body, designed and handmade in England. The Limited Collection characterizes our affection for all things new and modern, featuring daring designs and unique designs. All Limited Collection items are restricted in stock and are handmade in England by our master craftsmen.