Our 5 Favourite Sex Scenes

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Everyone loves a trip to the cinema; the lights dimming, the popcorn, but what we love most is to see the sexiest people in Hollywood in the hottest film scenes.  So here are our top 5 for your viewing pleasure!


Its the risky sex we all wish we were involved with, Jack and Rose sneak off to get it on with angry family in chase.  If that hand print on the steamed up windows of the car doesn’t turn you on, you may as well just give up!  But don’t worry you don’t have to get a boat across the Atlantic to recreate this steamy moment, find a secluded spot and crawl into the back of your car!

Brokeback Mountain

What is there to not like about two of the hottest men in Hollywood going for it, rough and ready in a tent? Its gruff, rough and raw but we would never ever turn down being involved in the iconic scene between Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal.  Just set up a tent somewhere no one will over hear you and get your cowboy on, although we would skip the crying and include some lube!

Basic Instinct 

Let’s not lie, location can turn good sex into amazing sex, and if Basic Instinct isn’t proof, we don’t know what is! With its nipple sucking and oral ways, it’s all about watching their faces; nothing is as good as seeing someone else get off on your skill.  And there is nothing to stop you booking up a fancy hotel and surprising each other with some new skills.


Hey look, those Gyllenhaal’s are back, and its still raw and rough but in a totally different way.  Maggie upsets her boss and there is only one thing for it – a proper spanking, until she learns her lesson. A submissive who manages to follow her commands to the letter isn’t to be sniffed at mind! Then of course the confusion of the first spanking is a thing to be enjoyed.  But don’t worry you don’t have to be a rich guy with a personal secretary to get into this one! Find yourself a well positioned desk and stick on your work wear.  Even though this is a BDSM favourite, most of the spanking uses hands so if you are newbie or an old hand there is no reason this isn’t for you, although we’d personally try it with our own spanking paddle.

Risky Business 

Possibly the most 80’s way to bang, as demonstrated by Tom Cruise.  There’s nothing wrong with the pantie-less dress and heels combo – in fact there is not much better, but then add some power ballad worthy guitar riff, combined with the wind and leaves blowing into the room, it’s so incredibly hot while looking so incredibly chilly, but who’s thinking about that?! To recreate the riskiness of sex outdoors, whilst remaining inside is to wait until it’s windy and open the windows up for that blow everywhere experience!

It seems it’s time to rent some movies and start re-enacting those senses!

CC Image courtesy of Deannster on Flickr

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