Sexual Flavour: Food as Foreplay

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Food and sex have a lot in common. On a subconscious level, they are both associated with our deep needs and urges. They both satisfy us and make us feel good. That’s why it’s easy to combine them for a very sensual, erotic experience.

Food and Sexuality

There are numerous studies showing a link between food and sexuality. It’s well known that certain foods can easily boost libido and serve as powerful aphrodisiacs. It’s also proven that food can appeal to more senses than one: sensual taste, luscious smell, gentle touch, suggestive shapes – it can all be used for a very erotic experience.

Food is tasty in more ways than one; it make us taste it, it make us enjoy. Psychologically, it works wonders to make the experience more exciting. Sensual and erotic food play is a fantastic way to begin sexual acts and exploration. It is a great thing for new lovers who want to experiment in a very sensual way as well as long-term couples who wish to spice up their love life.

Another aspect of food foreplay experts emphasise is the richness of the experience. Adding food to your bedroom play engages all the senses: taste, smell, touch, sight, even hearing – it makes the whole experience rich and memorable. Food foreplay can include all erogenous zones and provide some new and exciting experiences for lovers.

Food can be used in many sensual ways to awaken all the senses. The tongue has around 10,000 taste buds that allow you to experience many different tastes. Along with your lips and mouth, it contains sensitive nerve endings that make this area into one of the most significant erogenous zones. Using food in your foreplay appeals to this erogenous zone in more ways than one, combining taste, smell and touch.

Similarly, food can be used for sensual contact with the skin, including genitalia. There are many areas on a human body that are very rich in nerve endings and therefore very sensitive. Applying food to these places can invoke various pleasant feelings. For example, you can tease your partner by slowly running a food item on their body or you can engage their senses by introducing tasty substances that you can lick or eat directly from your partner’s body, such as whipped cream, chocolate, alcohol or ice.

The possibilities are endless; however, you need to keep in mind safety precautions. Always ask your partner about possible allergies and be extra careful when using food to stimulate genitalia. This is particularly important if you wish to use food for penetration.

Using Food as Foreplay

Using food as foreplay is a very sensual experience. Since there are so many ways to use food in erotic ways this sort of play is always unique and memorable. That’s probably one of the best things about food as foreplay. It’s impossible to outline each scenario or method that could be used, but here are some handy tips:

  • Less is more. Use food to tease and awake your lover’s senses. However, keep in mind that it’s not really a mealtime; eating too much can actually make you less ready for sex when the moment arrives.
  • Know what your partner likes. Food foreplay can be a great exploration game, but it’s also important to have at least some idea about your partner’s tastes and preferences.
  • The most common form of food foreplay involves applying whipped cream or ice cream on your lover’s body. It invokes many different sensations: you can use it to tease your partner while applying the cream and later when you lick it. Another popular way is to use a bit of alcohol to lick it from your lover’s body or drink it from their belly button.
  • Blindfold your partner. This is a great way to heighten their senses and surprise them with different tastes.
  • Make it safe. It’s important to know if you or your partner has certain allergies. Be careful when you want to apply food to genital area. Never use too spicy food on sensual body parts unless this is exactly what your partner wants.

Image by Daniel Rocal

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