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Our Classic Collection promises to reveal the elegance inherent in the human body and this supple harness answers that promise. Designed in conjunction with the rest of our Classic Collection, the simple, chic lines coupled with the sensuality of the finest smooth, saddlery leather result in a comfortable, durable harness, which can be adjusted at the waist and shoulders to perfectly suit the wearer. MD’s signature rein slides allow adjustments during play, so that the harness never becomes dislodged, even when you change position.

Each piece of hardware is cast by hand, and arrayed to accentuate the collarbones, shoulder blades, sternum, and hips of the wearer. The ring provides the focal point of this harness. As useful as they are beautiful, the central ring and D-rings are reinforced so they can be fastened to The Lead or The Reins. The multiple fastening points of this harness afford the users a degree of creativity and flexibility that will quickly place this harness at the core of your collection.

Masters Desire Classic Collection

The Classic Collection

The Classic Collection contains pieces developed over 18 months using a rigorous process of testing and design. Modelled around the natural curviture of the body, our flagship range exemplifies our attention to detail perfectly. Exquisitely produced by hand, each piece is individually hand made for the order, ensuring the highest possible quality in each one. We colour match leathers used to ensure a flawless finish and use only the finest hardware, all of which is cast in England. The colour-matched leather is available in black, tan, or brown, while the attachments may be silver or brass. 




The Classic Harness complements every piece in The Classic Collection, including Classic Collar, Suspenders, Thigh, Wrist, and Ankle Cuffs. Adding any of these pieces to your collection increases the number of combinations available to you during usage.

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