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Those who want more than simple obedience will find these elegant cuffs indispensable. Built from the highest quality leathers, our Prayer Cuffs elicit worship. Our Prayer Cuffs are engineered to provide the ultimate in restraint, allowing your subject to worship you like they should. After carefully selecting the leather, our master craftsmen edge and vein every pair, making each a unique item for your collection.

The rein slide at the back allows the cuffs to be tightened or loosened to suit your exacting needs. The solid D-ring on the front allows for the optimal leverage whilst providing the strength required to deal with even the most unruly subjects and can be used to attach a matching lead or reins.. All of the hardware is hand-cast in England to comply with the attention to detail demanded by the deity in you.

The beautiful shape and extraordinary design of these cuffs will leave you with divine inspiration for many sessions to come. We include a complimentary short lead with each set of Prayer Cuffs, but we recommend The Lead for a longer option. This product is covered by the MD guarantee, so once purchased, your pair is guaranteed for a lifetime.

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