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Product Code: SQ1201
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Weight: 230.00 kg
Size (LxWxH): 0.00 cm x 0.00 cm x 0.00 cm


These simple square cuffs will quickly become the cornerstone of your collection. The elegant design means that these cuffs can be worn as a playful accent to an edgy ensemble, while their sturdiness will make them a key piece in your luxury bondage collection. The cleverly reinforced D-rings, shown connected by the complimentary double-ended fastener, allow you to bind the cuffs to other pieces such as harnesses and leads. Masters Desire’s signature rein slides secure the cuffs perfectly, while the soft leather lining adds comfort.

As the award-winning Luxury Square Cuffs’ affordable twin, these cuffs will allow you to experience Masters Desire’s quality at a reduced price.  The high-quality leathers and attention to detail that made the Luxury Cuffs famous is present in the Square Cuffs. When you order, each piece is handmade by master craftsmen who select leather for its beauty and strength. These leathers are available in black, brown and tan, while the hand-cast hardware is available in brass and nickel.

We’re proud to deliver the Masters Desire experience at this price, and we’re certain that our work will last a lifetime. The MD Guarantee applies to this piece, extending our certainty to you.  

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